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our corporate workshops are specifically designed to build trust, encourage positive conflict and engage your entire team. Find out how you could be next.

Corporate Workshop In New York

Don’t be good, be great.

At Gilmore Communication, we understand business is about progress, not perfection.

That’s why we’ve created this engaging and highly-charged corporate workshop in New York and beyond. Whether you’re looking to re-align your team, improve internal communication or simply boost performance, our workshops are designed to pinpoint your needs and deliver outstanding results.

Here’s a quick outline of a typical corporate workshop session:

Step 1: Build Trust

Step 2: Positive Conflict

Step 3: Individual Commitment To The Team

Step 4: Team Accountability

Step 5: Focus On Results

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Gilmore Communication Corporate Workshop

How It Works

Gilmore Communication Workshop Methodology
Gilmore Communication Corporate Workshops

Our Workshop Methodology

Engineered For Optimal Performance.

Looking for a corporate workshop in New York?

Gilmore Communication offers a number of corporate workshops that are always uniquely designed to your specific business goals and objectives.

These include half-day and full-day sessions, as well as recurring workshops that take place over a number of weeks.

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We employ our signature 5-step methodology to drive tangible results:
Step 1: Building Trust

Without trust, even the greatest teams are destined to fail. Our simple yet effective exercises are designed to eliminate fear and build trust.

Step 2: Positive Conflict

We teach people to get comfortable with conflict. When you master conflict and encourage communication, your organization can truly push the boundaries.

Step 3: Individual Commitment To The Team

Commitment is not about consensus. It’s about the group buying-in to a decision even when team members do not naturally agree.

Step 4: Team Accountability

Will your team members hold each other accountable to optimal performance standards? Without a sense of accountability, no real progress can be made.

Step 5: Focus on Results

The true measure of a great team is that it accomplishes the results it sets out to achieve. Team members prioritize the team’s results over their individual needs.

Which Corporate Workshop Is Right For You?

Half-Day Workshop

For quick, effective engagement.

Our half-day workshop is a great way to re-align teams and open up new channels of communication.

This workshop is best suited for companies looking to quickly energize teams and experience the excitement of our beginner workshop.

Increased communication among team members
More accountability and trust
Unity towards one goal or mission

Full-Day Workshop

Delivers real, impactful results.

Our full-day workshop is a staple of our coaching program, and helps re-shape the way teams interact and perform.

This workshop is best suited for companies looking to create a shift in thinking and experience the power of our mid-level workshop.

Create an immediate shift in thinking
Greater inter-personal relationships among team members
Empower your workforce to contribute to the wider company mission

5-Week Workshop Series

Our flagship workshop series, designed to create lasting change.

Our five-week workshop series is our most dynamic offering to date – featuring one half-day session each week over the course of five weeks.

This workshop is best suited for companies who want to revitalize culture and performance, while experiencing the power of our trademark seminar series.

Revitalize company culture
Ensure long-lasting change for continued growth
Inspire employees to reach optimal levels of performance and exceed business targets