S.E.L.F. Assessment

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take the S.E.L.F. assessment to get a snapshot of your current awareness, pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and develop strategies for life-long success


Strengths. Energy. Leadership. Flow

Today’s world is non-stop and hyper competitive. Every little edge counts. That’s why it’s vital to have mastery over your self, your abilities and your potential.

Are you stuck in a job you don’t like? Do you want to improve a certain skill-set? Or maybe you simply want to become a happier person?

The S.E.L.F. test reveals your true head space, and gives you the power to conquer your limiting beliefs and create tangible strategies for success that work time and again.

Why S.E.L.F.?




SELF level 6 is a desirable and rewarding level.

Flow is the sweet spot where the psychological mindset, neurological chemicals, and physical rituals interplay. Time slows, ego vanishes, action and awareness merge.

Your creativity occurs naturally and intuition guides you. You move through the present effortlessly. You take nothing personally. You are an influential leader who has ongoing access to joy, inspiration, engagement and flow.

You are not just connected to others, you are one. This is potentially a highly addictive though transient state and your desire to maintain this level of flow, may cause you to lose focus in other areas of your life.

Relaxation and recovery are vital otherwise burnout may occur. It is through connecting with your purpose that you are able to sustain this powerful reality. Serenity and equanimity prevails and you are a manifestor in the truest sense.

Fearless and confident, you create an environment of inclusivity, happiness and reward. Concepts of win and lose fade into the exhilaration of being at one with your higher self. Your inner critic disappears, self doubt and anxiety melts away, allowing your creativity to shine.

You are accessing love as a state of being, allowing your inner joy and happiness full expression. There is exquisite beauty and synchronicity in your world, where your life and relationships are unfolding with effortless ease.

You embody the concept of human “being” rather than human “doing”.


  • Mind, body and spiritual health; joy
  • Enhanced communication
  • Optimal performance
  • Fulfilling relationships
  • Happy brain chemicals
  • Repairing and rejuvenating the central nervous system
  • Increase in neuroplasticity


  • This state is transient but highly desirable
  • This state of being is highly addictive
  • There is risk of burnout, as the necessity for recovery is often overlooked
  • “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”



SELF level 5 is where true leadership emerges and a fundamental shift in perception of your current situation awakens.

In this level you find acceptance and empathy. You have stopped judging those around you. Problems are perceived as positive challenges. Unplanned events and chaos are seen as opportunities not unfortunate circumstances.

Led by your intuition, you know how to build and use momentum as a powerful tool to motivate others and achieve results. As a leader you are intrinsically motivated and possess particular habits and mindsets that are the foundation for flow.

You are calm and assertive, regardless of external stimulus. At this level, energy is viral and can be transmuted to those around you. You unleash potential in others where they have trouble activating it in themselves.

You are confident because your intentions and your actions are aligned. You “walk the talk” and others are intuitively attracted and want to follow you.

This is a level of engagement where your self discipline and mastery allow you to live life on life’s terms. Through this understanding creativity and flow emerge and propel you towards the joy and harmony of the next level.



  • The marriage of our strengths and energy with a true desire to serve others
  • Empathy; non-judgmental
  • Putting the interest of others first whilst honoring your own needs
  • High level of intuition, deep sense of inner peace and self-understanding
  • Happiness is not dependent on outside events
  • High alignment of intention and integrity
  • Acceptance


  • May seem too remote or too good to be true
  • Preach rather than teach others
  • Possible disadvantage of power and influence
  • Hubris
  • Without buy-in or critical mass, leaders can soon be marginalized




SELF level 4 is the beginning of awareness and connection to something other than yourself.

This is your opportunity to access real and sustainable happiness and taste the joy of deep and loving human interaction. You see that everyone can enjoy and benefit from co-operation with and service to, others.

Service becomes the key to releasing the best of SELF level 4 energy. You must be careful not to serve to your own detriment or exhaustion, lest feelings of resentment come to the surface again.

There is the possibility of a trap door effect, especially if you are operating with self serving motives. This is counterbalanced by your new understanding that the “pie” is limitless.

Life is a bright series of opportunities and as you connect more fully to yourself and others, you can access peace and fulfillment. Fear is less prevalent at this level and your reliance on anger has subsided.

You enjoy the company of others without the presence of envy or jealousy and you are finally able to relax and enjoy the ride. You see how the interconnectedness to others enhances your life and allows you to be more giving and less grasping.

Great life and career success can be achieved with this energy as tangible results regularly show up in your life.


  • Starting to make real connections with others
  • Realization that working with and in service of others brings better results and rewards
  • Connectedness and sense of fulfillment
  • Access to peace and joy
  • Optimism regarding tasks and life itself
  • Less fear and lower emotions operating
  • Seeing the world as a safe and fun place


  • Idealistic and unrealistic
  • Waiting for the spiritual answer without personal effort
  • Getting caught up in the problems of others; less pragmatic
  • Desire to be popular affecting our actions and motives
  • Without appreciation, our service for others can turn into anger and resentment



SELF level 3 is the bridge to higher awareness and marks the beginning of your journey to connection and happiness.

Helped by high levels of energy you are the driver of our own ambition and success. In this level you are starting to take responsibility for your thoughts, actions and feelings.

Winning is everything and you can rationalize your negative thoughts and actions to achieve your goals and desires. Success for everyone would be optimal provided it does not impede your own success.

This level can be a very productive state. You are much more flexible in your approach to life and therefore better able to roll with the punches. This energy is inspired by the firm intent on getting what you want.

Success in life is predicated by the “stuff” we can amass. This can be a selfish and self-absorbed state, summed up by the “what’s in it for me” attitude. Although this is the launching point to better awareness both of self and of those around you, you may experience internal conflict, especially during times of stress.

Driven by your tendency towards self-absorption you may have difficulty in maintaining meaningful connections with others. Thankfully the fear based life from lower levels is slipping away and you trust yourself more and have an underlying sense of wellbeing.

As you become less rigid and more empowered you have the confident capability to navigate the situation. You are now understanding your role in being the creator of your life, which gives you the purpose and drive to seek further self improvement.

This is a more inclusive energy state where you are better able and willing to work with others.



  • Self-reliance
  • Sense of personal accomplishment
  • Solid internal drive to achieve
  • First level of energy where positive feedback loop can be developed in psychological traits and biological systems


  • Lonely existence; envy
  • Self-absorbed and selfish; self-centered
  • Using others and creating no real connection
  • Lack of fulfillment and integrity
  • Limited access to happiness – depends on things outside ourselves
  • Feeling of life being out of control
  • Easy to quit or not complete tasks




In SELF level 2 you have very high energy, self motivation, blind courage and leadership potential.

You like to be the center of attention and can be highly successful in business. You can certainly get things done and achieve successful results but it comes at a high price.

This is powerful energy which can be misdirected by insecurity and ego. Your sense of harmony goes out the window, as does the ability to relax the body and calm the mind.

Feelings of low self-esteem are prevalent but are masked with pride and grandiose behaviors. Using anger to motivate and direct others leads to fear, resentment and dishonesty.

Dominating others may give you a sense of gratification and importance but ultimately undermines the cohesion of your team. Such behaviors may also lead to loneliness and self entrapment.

If you have this energy you see the “pie” as finite. You need to grasp your portion or you lose out. This sets you up for a life of extreme competition. Feeding the ego is a full time job. Once engaged in this activity there is no time or space for broader awareness, knowledge or connection.

The idea of separateness sustains the need for self protection and continually sets off the entire cycle. Living with these destructive and depleting energies, leads to dissatisfaction and burnout.

Removing the blockages which are rooted in your fear and anger and will create space for more abundance, happiness and joy to come into your life.


  • Use of anger to feel emotions
  • Righteous
  • Ego-boosted
  • Self-important
  • Self-reliant
  • Powerful
  • Capable of achieving
  • Able to motivate others


  • Motivating via fear and anger is unsustainable over the long term
  • Anger alienates us from others
  • Unable to relax and achieve peace of mind
  • Resentment and agitation
  • Stunts our ability to grow as people
  • Lack of self-awareness; blaming others
  • Unable to take responsibility for our own lives; devoid of real choices and freedom



In SELF 1 you are very sensitive to others and the world around you.

You are loyal and like to help others. You are more comfortable giving than receiving and find it hard to ask for help. When you finally treat yourself to something nice the experience may be followed by feelings of guilt.

Life is characterized by high levels of fear and insecurity. In trying to validate yourself, you may resort to non serving behaviors. Envy and jealousy pervade your outlook towards others and lead to resentments. This is due to low levels of self awareness and self esteem.

In fact, in SELF 1 energy you may actually have a fear of success leading to self sabotage. In this state you are completely reactive, tense and unable to properly relax. You may be controlling and have unreasonable expectations of others.

There is limited forethought and what future you do see tends to be bleak and uninviting, consequently you are shutting yourself off to the world of infinite possibilities.

There is a pervasive sense of victimhood and blame. Poor me and why me? This inability to take responsibility for one’s life, enhances the feeling of being trapped and imprisoned in an anxiety ridden life, with no way out. When faced with such a dark future, depression can easily follow.

Much of this state is perceptual and requires a change of thinking to boost the possibility of positive action. Your own limiting beliefs, inherited from your early environment, are creating the false reality that is holding you back.

The very purpose of this S.E.L.F. Assessment is to bring you to this awareness and through coaching and daily practice help to free up your life and allow you to relax and be your authentic self.



  • Feeling of protection
  • If you do not try you cannot fail
  • Play the victim and get attention
  • Blame others/circumstance for life’s difficulties
  • Avoid responsibility


  • Inactivity; unable to move forward
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Self-hatred and self-harm
  • Negative outlook on life
  • Trapped in a self erected prison
  • Joyless existence and constant sense of dread