SELF 6/3 Combination

SELF 6 / 3 is your combination of energy. You are a visionary and turnaround specialist called to action. Your high spiritual awareness blends with your mental and physical balance to give you access to joy and contentment. You are grounded by the best of your SELF 3 energy which calls you to action. You have tremendous drive and ambition, although these activity levels may be punctured by too much self reliance. If you have this energy combination you tend not to trust others to get the job done. Awareness is the key to planned and thoughtful action. This self-consciousness is necessary to avoid becoming mired in over-activity. With this energy you take nothing personally, so you are able to make detached decisions. Where you use your personal drive for the broader benefit and the bigger picture, a real sense of purpose and happiness pervades. Problems arise with others where they cannot see or are not willing to see, the big picture. In these instances, you may have a tendency to detach and leave others behind. Such actions can lead to the alienation of others and even a sense of loneliness for you. Balancing this is the joy and fulfillment you get from being a creator. Overall you are willing to tolerate short term difficulties for the longer term benefit. This is one of the most decisive combinations of energy characterized by the saying “If I want a job done right, I should do it myself”. You do not suffer fools gladly!
(Steve Jobs, Marcus Lemonis)