S.E.L.F. Level 5


SELF level 5 is where true leadership emerges and a fundamental shift in perception of your current situation awakens.

In this level you find acceptance and empathy. You have stopped judging those around you. Problems are perceived as positive challenges. Unplanned events and chaos are seen as opportunities not unfortunate circumstances.

Led by your intuition, you know how to build and use momentum as a powerful tool to motivate others and achieve results. As a leader you are intrinsically motivated and possess particular habits and mindsets that are the foundation for flow.

You are calm and assertive, regardless of external stimulus. At this level, energy is viral and can be transmuted to those around you. You unleash potential in others where they have trouble activating it in themselves.

You are confident because your intentions and your actions are aligned. You “walk the talk” and others are intuitively attracted and want to follow you.

This is a level of engagement where your self discipline and mastery allow you to live life on life’s terms. Through this understanding creativity and flow emerge and propel you towards the joy and harmony of the next level.



  • The marriage of our strengths and energy with a true desire to serve others
  • Empathy; non-judgmental
  • Putting the interest of others first whilst honoring your own needs
  • High level of intuition, deep sense of inner peace and self-understanding
  • Happiness is not dependent on outside events
  • High alignment of intention and integrity
  • Acceptance


  • May seem too remote or too good to be true
  • Preach rather than teach others
  • Possible disadvantage of power and influence
  • Hubris
  • Without buy-in or critical mass, leaders can soon be marginalized