Level 5 Combinations

SELF 5 / 6 Combination – The Captain

SELF 5 / 6 is your combination, congratulations! This is the highest level of leadership. It is characterized by team leaders who possess a win-win mindset. You are a great mentor and motivator to everyone around you in life. You foster a culture of integrity, accountability and a genuine desire to help and serve others. Empathetic and non-judgmental you put the interests of others first without denying your own needs. Your high level of energy is contagious and infuses others with a “can do” spirit. You derive fulfillment and joy through assisting and leading others to greater success. You see others as an extension of yourself and therefore their victory is your victory. The idea is that everyone wins or no-one wins. The emotionalism of the lower levels is transcended and access to continuous feelings of joy and happiness are now possible. This is because success and happiness are coming from within and are therefore not dependent on outside events. You are capable of unconditional love. Love that comes not from your feelings or mind but from deep within your very being. It is truly something you have regardless of the actions of others. This builds a visceral level of trust in both personal and professional relationships. You merge into the synchronicity of existence, becoming one with the power of the energy field rather than reliant on self. There is a genuine desire to use this power for the benefit of all. The only words of caution in this general state are that idealism may cause you to lose sight of the forest for the trees.

SELF 5 / 4 Combination – The Inclusive Leader

SELF 5 / 4 is your energy combination. You care deeply for others and love to partner with people to create a bond. The goal is more the relationship, than the result of the relationship. You have a defined sense of self and would love to make this sense of personal security, available to others. Service to others, releases the best of your energy. This service comes in the form of leadership by example. You trust those around you to perform but “the buck stops here”. You are working for the greater good and are willing to help others achieve their goals. You are a creator of your own destiny and a solver of life’s problems. Your level 4 energy keeps you grounded in achieving results, while your higher level 5 thinking prevents envy and jealousy from derailing projects and collaborations. You derive great joy from team activities but you can become frustrated if others do not see the same vision and commit the same effort. When these feelings arise you may drain your own energy by getting caught up in the problems of others. You are not overly concerned about public opinion and equally, you have become less judgmental of others. You are a leader who is willing to lead by example and who is not afraid to get your hands dirty. You are a great problem solver and although you can get caught up in the welfare of others you can take the bull by the horns when necessary. This combination has the potential for tremendous business and life success provided one remains pragmatic and grounded.

SELF 5 / 3 Combination – The Opportunistic Leader

SELF 5 / 3 is your combination. You see a world filled with bountiful opportunity. You understand that you create your own experience of life. Inner peace and happiness are therefore available to you. You are a natural collaborator who brings the best out in others. You have a strong personal magnetism and dynamism that helps attract and recruit others to your cause. However, with great power comes great responsibility! You must be careful not to manipulate those with weaker energy or take advantage of others. Rationalizing your motives and actions to simply line up with the outcome you desire, is easy to do and avoiding this requires a constant level of awareness. The thrust of your SELF 3 energy is always to pushing for your own agenda and to ensure personal satisfaction over the success of others. Provided this drive is properly harnessed and filtered through your SELF 5 attitude of “everyone wins,” then it can be extremely beneficial to all. Without this filter, your combination can force alienation and separation from others, as you pursue your own ends. When balanced and nuanced this energy will bring immense success and joy not only to the incumbent but to all of those around. Leadership, vision; and connection both to others and the higher energy of thought and spirit are the traits available here.

SELF 5 / 2 Combination – The Warrior

SELF 5 / 2 is your combination. You are a natural leader, intuitive and packed full of energy. You have strong intellectual abilities which help you sift and discern complex situations. You are a natural at taking responsibility for your actions and the outcome of projects when working with others. At this level you are playing chess not checkers. You no longer struggle to figure everything out; rather, you have the acceptance and clarity to live life on life’s terms. You have a positive and optimistic approach to life, which, when combined with your empathy and understanding easily inspire passion in others. Through your vision and personal magnetism, you are able to attract others to your cause. However, you must be careful not to manipulate those with weaker energy or take advantage of others. This requires a constant level of awareness as to your motives and desires, otherwise you can get off purpose and lose the plot. While you are usually playing at the top of your game, anger and resentments can build up slowly and subtly, until like a volcano, you explode. This flash anger comes quickly and leaves quickly but can be both harmful and shocking to others. Following your intuition rather than your intellect can provide a more peaceful path and clearer direction. This will also help you to avoid tripping yourself up via the fear and anger of your SELF 2 energy. Overall this is an exciting combination as you are becoming aware of how to explore and access your untapped potential and release joy and flow into your now. This understanding provides the intrinsic motivation to deepen your daily practices and make the challenging but necessary changes to your life.

SELF 5 / 1 Combination – The Analyst

SELF 5 / 1 is your combination. You have great potential in the areas of leadership, personal connection, empathy, confidence and motivation. You are able to tap into broad awareness and intuition. The key word is potential. Because of your Level 1 energy you may notice that you can see the prize but find it hard to attain. You may find that you collect data and over analyze situations to the point that you stymie your ability to take action. Caught in the glare of intellectual indecision, you feel frustrated and can become sullen and moody. This is paralysis by analysis. As the success you desire continues to elude you, you come up with ever more excuses and blame circumstances and others. The inability to take full responsibility is a form of self-defeating entrapment. You may feel envious and jealous of others whom you perceive to be moving forward in their lives and leaving you behind. For all your awareness and high level thinking, you have an underlying feeling of not being good enough. This can all change for the better today! You need to create momentum by working and focusing on yourself, not on people or things outside your control. As the adage, “Change yourself and the whole world changes,” success in this combination requires inner change. By tackling your limiting beliefs, you can convert life potential into real and actionable success.