S.E.L.F. Level 4



SELF level 4 is the beginning of awareness and connection to something other than yourself.

This is your opportunity to access real and sustainable happiness and taste the joy of deep and loving human interaction. You see that everyone can enjoy and benefit from co-operation with and service to, others.

Service becomes the key to releasing the best of SELF level 4 energy. You must be careful not to serve to your own detriment or exhaustion, lest feelings of resentment come to the surface again.

There is the possibility of a trap door effect, especially if you are operating with self serving motives. This is counterbalanced by your new understanding that the “pie” is limitless.

Life is a bright series of opportunities and as you connect more fully to yourself and others, you can access peace and fulfillment. Fear is less prevalent at this level and your reliance on anger has subsided.

You enjoy the company of others without the presence of envy or jealousy and you are finally able to relax and enjoy the ride. You see how the interconnectedness to others enhances your life and allows you to be more giving and less grasping.

Great life and career success can be achieved with this energy as tangible results regularly show up in your life.


  • Starting to make real connections with others
  • Realization that working with and in service of others brings better results and rewards
  • Connectedness and sense of fulfillment
  • Access to peace and joy
  • Optimism regarding tasks and life itself
  • Less fear and lower emotions operating
  • Seeing the world as a safe and fun place


  • Idealistic and unrealistic
  • Waiting for the spiritual answer without personal effort
  • Getting caught up in the problems of others; less pragmatic
  • Desire to be popular affecting our actions and motives
  • Without appreciation, our service for others can turn into anger and resentment