Level 4 Combinations

SELF 4 / 6 Combination – The Servant Leader

SELF 4 / 6 is your combination. You are optimistic about the world and others and can easily access peace and joy. You are highly empathetic and inspire great trust and loyalty in others. You are forgiving, supportive and nurturing towards yourself and those around you. You have a keen mind which is both intelligent and rational and leads to pragmatic actions in the here and now. You value concrete results as a priority over idealistic goals. Alleviating suffering in others is important to you in the practical sense and you choose action over intention. With this combination, your exceptional communication skills help to create deep, fulfilling, joyful relationships. Some caution is warranted, as you have a tendency to get wrapped up in the situations of others. This means you may fall into a self-depleting cycle of helping others until it hurts. Although you generally take nothing personally, this self-imposed martyrdom can lead to frustration and resentment. Therefore, recovery and “sharpening the axe” are vitally important if you are to perform at your best. Overall, you keep balance in your life and tend to your holistic well-being; this enables you to act with compassionate and leave a positive effect on others. Self-discipline and emotional calm allows you to play the long game, accepting short term hardships and failures as part of the natural process towards gaining greater achievement. You have full engagement in your life, accepting life on life’s terms and choosing happiness over being right. Consequently, people love to be around your energy and personal magnetism.

SELF 4 / 5 Combination – The Grand Collaborator

SELF 4 / 5 is your energy, rejoice! This is great leadership energy. With this energy you take little personally. You can also recognize and maximize the great potential in others. You are a provider and a leader who advocates well for yourself and others. When you release calm, assertive energy, it pervades all of those around you and instills a sense of confidence and wellbeing. Whilst you have vision, you are very grounded in results and the actions required to achieve them. You love to partner with people and create a strong bond of mentorship and loyalty. You are optimistic about life and have access to joy and peace of mind. Collaboration is your watchword. You appreciate diversity and understand that you do not have all the answers. Hence, you delegate well and in understanding your own limitations are willing to recognize and bring forth the leadership potential in others. You value people as people and not just for what they can bring to the table. There can be a tendency towards idealism which can lead to unrealistic expectations that derail your process. Over-involved with others and losing a vital sense of objectivity may lead to frustration and anger. This in turn may cause you to get disillusioned, especially if those around you fail to show the same effort and commitment as you. With your great vision you are likely to be an agitator for change and justice, leading others to freedom and understanding. This is the energy of great statesmen, captains of industry and influence, willing to shape a better world and a brighter future for everyone.

SELF 4 / 3 Combination – The Knight

SELF 4 /3 is your combination. You have shifted away from self-centered pursuits into the service of others. This is the level where “leaders eat last.” You are a provider and leader who advocates well for yourself and others. You have tremendous energy and determination which leads to momentum in life and great personal growth. You pursue a path of peace and harmony with others and make deep and lasting connections. You are optimistic about life, although driven, are flexible enough to go with the flow. Inner resistance is a thing of the past as your higher level of thinking spills over into your daily actions. You are happy to engage with life on life’s terms; rather than force your own will. With great vision and charisma, you are committed to making a contribution to the world and those in it. In your drive to help others you may deplete your own energy levels and feel frustrated and get down on yourself. Learning to attend to your own needs ensures that burnout will not affect your ability to show up for everyone else. You are a great problem solver and show willingness to tackle issues head on. You care deeply about your team/organization and take pride in your work. As a leader your people know where they stand, because your honesty and forthright attitude leave no room for politics or games. You inspire loyalty in others and through empathy can assist them in becoming the best they can be. This is the energy of great leaders and carries the potential for remarkable success.

SELF 4 / 2 Combination – The Provoker

SELF 4 / 2 is your combination. Your energy is collaborative, joyful and appreciative of a world filled with opportunity. You can motivate others and confidently take on leadership roles. This is an energy of service and awareness, where you can begin to access true happiness and fulfillment. Coupled as it is with SELF 2 energy there can be destabilizing tendencies towards blame and frustration, when things either do not go your way or work out the way you want. Unfulfilled expectations and unfulfilled promise in others can divert you into negative attitudes and actions. This is doubly frustrating, since fundamentally; you have a deep and caring nature that gets derailed by some of the petty traits of SELF 2. This can cause a sense of alienation in both personal and work-related relationships, causing others to feel as if they are, “Walking on eggshells.” Even though you truly want the best for everyone, the baser instincts of this combination can pull you towards a need for control. This spawns fixed ideas on how events should turn out and how people should behave. This is a self-baked recipe for irritation and anger. This combination is characterized by the “two steps forward, one step back” adage! However, all hope is not lost! By regularly checking in with your emotional well-being throughout the day, you can temper these negative overreactions and let your higher level thinking prevail. When this occurs, you bring harmony to your relationships and to your life as a whole.

SELF 4 / 1 Combination – The Weary Caregiver

SELF 4 / 1 is your combination. You care deeply for others and want to see them happy and fulfilled. You are a giver and much prefer to give than receive. You have a tremendous sensitivity to and empathy with, other people. Service is your primary purpose. At this point you have not been jaded physically or spiritually worn down. You are still fired up about life and your place in it, but this is a precarious level. You may have started out as level 4/3 but have been worn down over the sands of time by people not living up to your expectations or acting in the way you wanted. Placing your self-worth in your ability to help others can cause you to suffer not least of all because others are out of your control. Where others fail under your tutelage the tendency is to blame yourself and get down on yourself. You may also take on the burden of colleague’s workloads as well as accept their mistakes as your own. This self-imposed victim mode is both exhausting and limiting, greater self-awareness is the key to release these shackles. All of these negative character traits can lead to low self-esteem, anxiety and even depression. Thankfully your dominant Level 4 energy helps you to see and try to focus on the silver linings of life rather than the dark clouds. Therefore, in spite of the worst traits of Level 1, you remain optimistic and believe that if all things are not working out how you would like them to, at least you have the ability to change them. Keeping your eye on the prize, whatever it might be, and guarding against negative self-thought, gives you the best chance to pursue a measure of happiness and peace of mind.