S.E.L.F. Level 3


SELF level 3 is the bridge to higher awareness and marks the beginning of your journey to connection and happiness.

Helped by high levels of energy you are the driver of our own ambition and success. In this level you are starting to take responsibility for your thoughts, actions and feelings.

Winning is everything and you can rationalize your negative thoughts and actions to achieve your goals and desires. Success for everyone would be optimal provided it does not impede your own success.

This level can be a very productive state. You are much more flexible in your approach to life and therefore better able to roll with the punches. This energy is inspired by the firm intent on getting what you want.

Success in life is predicated by the “stuff” we can amass. This can be a selfish and self-absorbed state, summed up by the “what’s in it for me” attitude. Although this is the launching point to better awareness both of self and of those around you, you may experience internal conflict, especially during times of stress.

Driven by your tendency towards self-absorption you may have difficulty in maintaining meaningful connections with others. Thankfully the fear based life from lower levels is slipping away and you trust yourself more and have an underlying sense of wellbeing.

As you become less rigid and more empowered you have the confident capability to navigate the situation. You are now understanding your role in being the creator of your life, which gives you the purpose and drive to seek further self improvement.

This is a more inclusive energy state where you are better able and willing to work with others.



  • Self-reliance
  • Sense of personal accomplishment
  • Solid internal drive to achieve
  • First level of energy where positive feedback loop can be developed in psychological traits and biological systems


  • Lonely existence; envy
  • Self-absorbed and selfish; self-centered
  • Using others and creating no real connection
  • Lack of fulfillment and integrity
  • Limited access to happiness – depends on things outside ourselves
  • Feeling of life being out of control
  • Easy to quit or not complete tasks