Level 3 Combinations

SELF 3 / 6 Combination – The Pragmatic Visionary

SELF 3 / 6 is your combination.  You regularly access higher levels of conscious thought and action. You are optimistic about life and hold a healthy objectivity to the events and people in your life. You have both the drive and vision to attract and motivate others. While you have the potential to fully empathize with others your desire to win at all costs can get in the way. You believe that the means always justify the ends; in the drive to get what you want or even in achieving what you think is a higher purpose, others may suffer. You bring a pragmatism to life and are willing to release the burden of judgment. You are truly at cause in creating and manifesting the world you live in, although sometimes you fail to recognize this fully. Overcoming your innate tendencies towards self-absorption will free you to achieve, in tandem with others, the happiness, and fulfillment you seek. You are able to merge your actions and energy with any task to release your creative self and dampen the fear and doubt that the ego brings. People in this state yearn for others to attain a heightened awareness of these higher concepts. You may get frustrated by people who cannot or will not see the bigger picture and try to drag them along with you but eventually you are willing to leave them behind. This is a great combination for entrepreneurs as your higher level thinking and vision is grounded with action-oriented energy. That drive to get the job done and a willingness to enlist the help of others can lead to tremendous levels of business success.

SELF 3 / 5 Combination – The Pragmatic Leader

SELF 3 / 5 is your combination. You are experiencing a very competent, capable, and successful level. You are positive, self-motivated and confident. Although you are full of great ideas, implementation may not be obvious, though you are willing to stay the course to see your ideas become reality. At this level, you are an excellent teammate. If you can harness your desire for personal success, you can be a great leader as well. By remaining teachable and malleable you can further expand your life and create opportunities for yourself and others. In martial arts, there is a saying that “the softest thing cannot be broken,” therefore you see how your rigidity, rather than being a strength, is a vulnerability. In fact, working with a coach/mentor can have an exponential effect on your ability to transcend the negative parts of Level 3 energy and grasp the potency of your Level 5 energy. Without this filter you can force alienation and separation from others; as you pursue your own ends. You are starting to learn the true value of collaboration. These benefits emerge when you seek help and resist the impulse to go it alone. There is real opportunity for growth as you have the courage to meet life’s challenges head on and take responsibility for your life. This is a level of real empowerment, where anxiety does not cripple endeavor. Your self-esteem starts to kick in as you receive positive reinforcement for your actions and productivity.

SELF 3 / 4 Combination – The Bishop

SELF 3 / 4 is your combination. You have high self-esteem and a good connection with those around you. You have the courage and power to make things better and your engagement in life is high. Others come to you to solve their problems and though you are willing to help, you may be looking to fix others for your own benefit, not theirs. As this level of energy is predicated on getting what you want, the potential for ulterior motives in your actions should be noted. This can hinder your ability to form deep and lasting relationships and thus undermine your sense of connection and happiness. As this combination is the gateway to better self-awareness it is important to remain teachable and flexible. Harnessing your immense energy and directing it towards enriching activities is a challenge but one you can manage with self-realization. Fortunately, you have a propensity for self-improvement and are willing to spend time and money to enhance your circumstances. While this may initially be motivated by selfish ideals, a better you are of benefit to everyone. At heart, you are well intentioned and can make a very effective leader or teammate depending on your preference. With your drive and determination, you can succeed at anything you put your mind to. Add in self-discipline and expanded self-awareness and the sky\’s the limit.

SELF 3 / 2 Combination – The Go-Getter

SELF 3 / 2 is your SELF combination. You have boundless energy and leadership potential. You have earned your leadership role through your actions, rather than by title or social function. You recognize the value of harnessing team energy and are less likely to try and do everything yourself. However, when things are not going your way your tendency is to blame and bear grudges. You may battle to prove that you are right, allowing pride and ego to get in the way of your happiness. When someone hurts you, you can suffer through a lot of internal turmoil but can ultimately forgive and move on. You are able to identify and for the most part take charge of your feelings and emotions. Thus you are not overly sensitive to others and therefore less likely to overreaction. You are driven by a need for personal success which is measured in external prizes. While on the surface you may seem to “have everything” this may, in fact, be masking feelings of loneliness and disconnection. Therefore, any feelings of contentment or peace of mind are vulnerable to changing external circumstances and thus out of your control. You do have a willingness to try new things and courage to face your fears and overcome them. This helps you to build self-esteem and self-confidence. Being less rigid towards life in general allows for a more flexible attitude to obstacles and a willingness to reframe them as opportunities for growth. You see your life with all its positives and negatives as basically working out just fine. This allows for an overall sense of wellbeing and less of a need for anger and fear to dominate your existence.

SELF 3 / 1 Combination  – The Journeyman

SELF 3 / 1 is your combination. You are at the beginning of willingness, able to move past anger and resentment. This is a crucial shift in your awareness. There is a tremendous degree of self-reliance leading to productivity in one’s job and life in general. There is a better sense of personal accomplishment and a strong desire to get what you want. This can cause a separation from those around you and bring with it feelings of loneliness. When we see your access to happiness as something outside of yourself, you are vulnerable to people and events, beyond our control. Mixing in the Level 1 energy brings feelings of anxiety and frustration which start to underlie all of your activities. Fear pervades your life like a low background noise and robs you of joy and true accomplishment. Therefore, your world appears dangerous and requires you to take on a defensive posture. In this mindset, you will be unable to relax. Through a sense of dread, you exhaust your energy on future fears or past events. The good news is that much of this reality is constructed in your own head. Therefore, a change in your thinking and focus will move you beyond fear and frustration into joy and accomplishment. For all of the above, there is a sense that working with others is a more efficient path to achieving your goals. By continuing along this route you are positioning yourself to create solid relationships and deeper connections. In the big picture, you are moving in the direction of higher awareness and happiness.