Level 2 Solutions




When you are operating from lower emotional states, the likelihood of getting into conflict with others is heightened.  Remember FEAR always comes before ANGER. Recognising where our energy is and how it affects our emotions is super important. Watch for fear, anxiety and insecurity.   

  • Check in with yourself periodically throughout the day, every day. Ask yourself how you are feeling.
  • If fear, anxiety and insecurity are present you must take a short time out. Try some Box Breathing  
  • On the basis that we cannot hold anger and gratitude at the same time Make gratitude list (Gratitude Alphabet, go through the alphabet finding something to be grateful for beginning with each letter)


Fear and Anger are exhausting! You cannot relax and are constantly on guard. You need a mental break and a way to calm the mind. If you do not control your mind, it will control you!


Hormones play a big role is the body’s stress response. These stress hormones were designed to activate the flight or fight response and protect us from sabre tooth tigers and the ilk. In our modern world an annoying email, pinging phone, the daily commute can all activate our stress response system when no REAL threat exists. We need to flush these hormones out via relaxation.