Level 2 Combinations

SELF 2 / 6 Combination – The Revolutionary

SELF 2 / 6 is your combination.  You are a part of the world of dreamers and idealists. Joy arises from moments of existence and you are filled with awe and wonder. You are exceptionally creative and insightful and can border on genius-like at times. People with this energy are creative/right brained individuals who are often unsuccessful. You will struggle personally and financially unless you can develop mindfulness and positive daily practices. Rather than continually prioritize the “now” it might be a good idea to also plan for the future. Whenever you find balance between these two choices, harmony will reign. Finding fulfillment and constructing positive feedback loops is crucial to your success. You find everyday tasks mundane and repugnant. Pride may also be a blockage. In this combination you may have extreme frustration with your own circumstances. You are obviously highly talented but too angry, fearful and/or resentful to take the steps necessary to reach your full potential. When you expend energy on tasks that do not lead to immediate success you get angry. This clouds your realization that consistency is needed for others to trust you and for you to be able to develop mastery. Lacking clarity in process and ritual you may value the “one hit wonder” over the “ebb and flow” of continued work. Getting started can seem daunting but your willingness to get the job done has to outweigh the fear and frustration you may be feeling. There are no shortcuts to lasting success, “Terminal uniqueness” can overwhelm and be major blockers at this level. The solution appears intuitive and obvious on a grand scale but the daily actions to achieve them show up as mysterious. This is the energy of revolution, where you agitate for change and where the methods employed may not always live up to the high ideals. Humility is a quality that needs to be developed in order to serve. Some guidance in building a day to day routine is a good starting point to lead to success. This is where the advice “progress but not perfection” can be the starting point for great things. Take the first step!

SELF 2 / 5 Combination – The Commander

SELF 2 / 5 is your combination. You have lots of energy and confidence in your ability to get things done. You also have great leadership potential and can be very charismatic. However, this combination may cause you to use fear and intimidation as an easy way to motivate others. This can cause alienation, loneliness and frustration. Although you want vital and close relationships in your life, your anger, fueled by fear, gets in the way. Envy and jealousy may further muddy the waters and there is a definite tendency to blame others when things do not go your way. This inability to take responsibility for your life and actions can lead to feelings of being trapped – in a constant state of low level anxiety, unable to relax or release the peace and understanding that comes with your Level 5 energy. Much of your frustration arises because you know better. However, when led by your lower emotions, these thoughts do not always translate into right action. You are therefore well intentioned but in execution become the proverbial “Bull in the China Shop.” You have immense drive and determination which can propel you to ever increasing success, provided you temper the internal conflict between your ego and your happiness. There is also a tendency towards the “do as I say but not as I do” attitude, in that you can easily direct others to right action while not holding yourself to the same higher standards. Thus judgement and criticism of others are your companions and whilst the self-righteous feelings associated with this, give you a sense of importance, they will not lead to happiness. Follow your intuition more often. This will provide better life decisions and a clearer vision of where you need to go and what you need to change in order; to enhance your peace of mind. You have all the necessary tools available to construct a wonderful and joyous, life provided you are willing to explore and discover the self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

SELF 2 / 4 Combination – The Seeker

SELF 2 / 4 is your combination. You are packed with energy. You are very self-reliant and you are easily able to motivate others. Although your fallback position is still in the realm of, “if you want it done right, do it yourself”, you are starting to see the value of teamwork and collaboration. You are also beginning to experience peace and joy but this may be disrupted by underlying fear and righteous anger. Unfulfilled expectations and feeling under-appreciated; can pull you into lower levels of energy; where fear, blame and insecurity hold sway. You often inherently know what the right choice is, but led by your lower emotions these thoughts do not always translate into right action. Therefore, you are well-intentioned but struggle with execution, becoming like the proverbial “Bull in the China Shop.” Co-dependent issues arise as like energy attracts like energy. Taking your emotional temperature throughout the day can be of great benefit. It is crucial to notice when you are fearful and insecure (highly communicable energy) rather than calm and assertive (where you need to be). The former energy leads us into combustible situations and the latter energy to peace and self-acceptance. People with the SELF 2/4 combination can be highly successful in business but without the accompanying peace of mind, such success appears shallow and you are constantly driven to seek more. This constant agitation makes relaxation difficult and causes you to hold a tense defensive posture towards the world at large. Going with your S.E.L.F. level 4 knowledge — that we are all interconnected and working together brings harmony — may be the best way for you to go. You are a great problem solver and show willingness to tackle issues head on. You care deeply about your team/organization and take pride in your work. Moving away from a dominant SELF 2 energy would be very beneficial and is possible through building better self-awareness.

SELF 2 / 3 Combination – The Executor

SELF 2 / 3 is your combination. You have lots of energy and can motivate and lead others. You have a lot of personal drive and a will to succeed. You have staying power and do not give up at the first sign of difficulty. You believe that you can pretty much do a better job than anyone else. However, this is fostered more through pride and ego than high self-esteem. You may also have a tendency to motivate by fear and intimidation rather than encouragement. This can work for a while but is unsustainable over the longer term and can leave you feeling alone and frustrated. Although you may feel an overall sense of dissatisfaction at work, you do little constructively to change things. Instead blaming others and complaining without bringing a resolution, keeps you stuck and angry. You can become a belligerent, quarrelsome, injustice collector, over-sensitive to slights, and irritable and explosive. Others are walking on eggshells around you, trying to find ways to pacify your inner rage. Anger can be constructive or destructive and although you use the former to push you towards your goals, much of your time is taken up with the latter kind, which leaks into and erodes other areas of your life. Relationships are a particular challenge. Although you may be perfectly charming one minute, those close to you have experienced the rage that frustrated anger brings. This erodes trust and means that having a deep and fulfilling connection with them (and vice versa) is extremely difficult. Your ability to truly empathize with others is compromised by your self-centered approach to life and relationships. By often putting yourself first you cause alienation and frustration to those around you. All of this can be mended if you are willing to show courage to overcome the “taking” SELF 2 energy and allow your “giving” SELF 3 energy to lead you. If you can achieve this you are setting yourself on a path to self-awareness, empowerment and ultimately freedom.

SELF 2 / 1 Combination – The Tyrant

SELF 2 / 1 is your combination, this is very powerful energy. You are driven and able to motivate others. You have a lot of energy swirling around in your life and learning to harness this appropriately is the key to your happiness and fulfillment. Much of this energy is fueled by fear and anger. Rather than lead by example and encouragement you lead through intimidation and threats. This behavior disrupts your sense of connection and empathy with others and will cause these behaviors to worsen over time. Your temperament may be summed up as “Big ego, low self-esteem.” These combination of traits are masking feelings of defensiveness and anger. Anger may give you a sense of power, dominance and importance in the short term but over time it is self-defeating and it alienates you from the very people you are trying to associate with. You get easily frustrated and annoyed when things do not go as planned. This constant leaking of your energy through angry and frustrated reactions to life events may lead to burnout. In this depleted state you are likely to become defensive and sensitive, and thus more likely to repeat the whole cycle again. You do not easily take responsibility for your life and relationships which consequently show up as unsatisfying and failing. Poor conflict resolution and blame keep you trapped in the anger, resentment and rage arena. You are suffering a lack of clarity as to what is really going on in your life and your part in it. When you become sick and tired of being sick and tired, then maybe you can direct your powerful anger energy towards seeking positive change for your life and future happiness.