In SELF 1 you are very sensitive to others and the world around you.

You are loyal and like to help others. You are more comfortable giving than receiving and find it hard to ask for help. When you finally treat yourself to something nice the experience may be followed by feelings of guilt.

Life is characterized by high levels of fear and insecurity. In trying to validate yourself, you may resort to non serving behaviors. Envy and jealousy pervade your outlook towards others and lead to resentments. This is due to low levels of self awareness and self esteem.

In fact, in SELF 1 energy you may actually have a fear of success leading to self sabotage. In this state you are completely reactive, tense and unable to properly relax. You may be controlling and have unreasonable expectations of others.

There is limited forethought and what future you do see tends to be bleak and uninviting, consequently you are shutting yourself off to the world of infinite possibilities.

There is a pervasive sense of victimhood and blame. Poor me and why me? This inability to take responsibility for one’s life, enhances the feeling of being trapped and imprisoned in an anxiety ridden life, with no way out. When faced with such a dark future, depression can easily follow.

Much of this state is perceptual and requires a change of thinking to boost the possibility of positive action. Your own limiting beliefs, inherited from your early environment, are creating the false reality that is holding you back.

The very purpose of this S.E.L.F. Assessment is to bring you to this awareness and through coaching and daily practice help to free up your life and allow you to relax and be your authentic self.



  • Feeling of protection
  • If you do not try you cannot fail
  • Play the victim and get attention
  • Blame others/circumstance for life’s difficulties
  • Avoid responsibility


  • Inactivity; unable to move forward
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Self-hatred and self-harm
  • Negative outlook on life
  • Trapped in a self erected prison
  • Joyless existence and constant sense of dread