Level 1 Combinations

SELF 1 / 6 Combination – The Dreamer

SELF 1 / 6 is your combination, you are a romantic and dreamer who believes in happily-ever-after. You are passive and non-aggressive towards life and the people in your life. You may feel battered by the reality of your life and find it easier to develop escapist techniques rather than meet challenges head on. In your unfocused state it may be hard to get things done and therefore seems more fulfilling to simply dream of them. You may also feel ground down by life and circumstances that you cannot quite fathom or overcome. The enormity of the universe and the tiny place you inhabit within it; brings feelings of insignificance. Your misguided vision distorts your view of the world and your place in it, since you do not see the big picture for what it really is. This leads to your fundamental questions; what is the point of it all? Led by this sense of apathy and caught in a self-created dream, you find it hard to push forward in your life and find achievement and purpose. You hold unrealistic expectations for yourself and the world around you, which backed by your inactivity, lead only to disappointment and frustration. The good news is that all of this is a problem of perception. Working on your self-esteem and self-worth are imperative, to break out of your false narrative. Remember, what you focus on expands and therefore re-engineering your opinion of self, can be a game changer. Focus on what matters most: that you are worthy and possess a deep capacity for love and connection.

SELF 1 / 5 Combination – The Self-Critc

SELF 1 / 5 is your combination, you have a high sensitivity to other people and the events of the world around you. This sensitivity comes with the feelings but not the understanding and context, hence it is not the same as empathy. You may find you react to the negative energy of others by internalizing your feelings. Low self-esteem and insecurity act as blockers that keep you from your true potential. You tend to blame circumstances outside of your control. Therefore, you are rarely able to access the solution, which counter intuitively lies within yourself. This combination comes with a high level of frustration, envy and judgement. You can access higher awareness but due to inertia and apathy you just cannot give it a practical voice. You feel stuck in a world that is against you and you are anxious and depressed with your lot. When life becomes built on hopes, dreams and intentions rather than actions, little is rarely accomplished. Your negative outlook and over-active inner critic keeps you trapped in a state of flux. This is very unfortunate since your own thought patterns block you from greater achievement and from realization. With SELF Level 5 energy in the background you really do have the potential to be bigger than you think are. Deep down you realize this but so far you have been unable to give full expression to your talents and abilities. If you would only get out of your own way and unlock the mental cage, you would be free to live the life you currently only dream about. In a way, that is the good news. A higher state is attainable with sustained effort and a radical overhaul of your thinking and beliefs.

SELF 1 / 4 Combination – The Fixer

SELF 1 / 4 is your combination, you care deeply for others and want to see them happy and fulfilled. You are a giver and much prefer to give than receive. You have tremendous sensitivity and empathize well with other people. These character traits are fine but for the fact that you derive your self-worth and access to happiness through your ability to “fix” others. Problems arise when others reject your solutions and help. This can easily lead to lower self-esteem and feelings of self-loathing. You may also get overburdened with the task of constantly caring for everyone else, causing you to feel frazzled and frustrated. This inability to help may also cause feelings of guilt to arise as you perceive that you are failing in your life purpose. You avoid conflict and push much negative emotion inward rather than through outward displays of anger and rage. It is important to turn your attention back to yourself, if you are to find peace and happiness. Follow the old saying, “You cannot give away what you don’t have,” and start to care for yourself and put your needs first. When you can love and forgive yourself then you can release these positive emotions on behalf of others. Drawing boundaries and understanding the space where you end and others begin, can be very freeing. It is helpful to understand that you can do your best to guide, help and be of service to others but that the ultimate outcome of their happiness, rest in their hands not yours.

SELF 1 / 3 Combination – The Pretender

SELF 1 / 3 is your combination, everything looks fine. You can get along with others and appear on the outside to be happy and content. This masking of the true situation keeps you from getting the help and attention you want. This in turn may lead to resentment and feeling disconnected or alone in the crowd. Although, you do your best to get along with others, you are often overly sensitive. This allows people to easily push your buttons. Although the defensive reaction is to lash out, you instead internalize and avoid conflict at all costs. These internalized negative emotions, can cause many health issues both physical and psychological. You are a people pleaser and this posture while keeping the peace, causes you much frustration. You live into the good opinion of others and worry about being judged. You feel that your opinion is not important. Lack of clarity is an issue. With the underlying drive of level 3 energy you can be very successful in your job and career. You are singular in your ambitions and determined to get what you want from situations. While this can lead to many successful outcomes, ultimately your feelings of frustration, rob you of your inner joy. You rarely get the recognition you believe you deserve. Being defensive and on edge bleeds your positive energy and can produce anxiety and depression. The good news is that much of this existence is constructed by your own behaviors. Therefore, a positive change in your thoughts and actions can quickly elevate you to a more rewarding level of life and relationship satisfaction.

SELF 1 / 2 Combination – The Doormat

SELF 1 / 2 is your combination, you are highly sensitive to other people’s feelings and emotions. You can see the bigger picture but may not believe it is possible. You tend to avoid confrontations by blaming others and internalizing your feelings. Overall you see the world as a dangerous place where everyone fends for themselves. In this energy there is an overriding tendency to play the victim and indulge in passive aggressive behaviors. At times it appears that the whole world is against you and you may feel overwhelmed and resentful. This can also bring on bouts of “Poor me” and feelings of powerlessness. Life is happening to you and a lack of time, money and other people, become perennial excuses for your inability to make lasting change in your life. The very concept of creating this change seems overwhelming and impossible. You tend to be an introvert and although you often judge others, you keep these opinions to yourself. This serves only to stoke negative inner feelings and further thwart your ability to get out from under the weight of your perceived problems. Internalized feelings can also lead to psychological issues such as anxiety and depression. Feelings of guilt and shame may keep you withdrawn and introverted, as your self-worth feels so low. You are allowing misconstrued events from your childhood to block you from making better informed decisions in the present. Your self-perception is askew and you will need to release the past in order to move forward in your life. Through increasing your self-awareness, you can identify these false assumptions and start taking corrective action.